My Winter Warmers up

Anti-Ageing Facial

This is a lifting & smoothing treatment. It aids in skin firmness & promotes skin elasticity with visible instant results. This Facial is great for those who are concerned with skin ageing or would like to start age prevention. It is never too late to help skin fight lines & wrinkles. Great for special occasions.

Therm Age (Mono-polar RF)

This treatment requires the most advance aftercare at home due to its regenerative nature.

A painless alternative to a face lift RF current firms & tones the skin allowing for its own production of collagen & elastin filling out your wrinkles & lines.

The full regime of the right products selected needs to be followed to help skin rebuild and regenerate collagen fibers – the foundation of youthful skin.

As a special this week a suitable home-care routine is selected complimentary with a full priced treatment.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Thick dead skin build up, deeply dry or constantly oily complexions will definitely benefit from Diamond Microdermabrasion. Also great for enlarged pores, uneven skin tone/pigmentation, blackheads & mild scarring on face. You will notice visible results from the first treatment followed by a serum infusion or a mask application to soothe & hydrate or calm & re-balance your clean soft complexion.

Refresh Facial

This treatment is especially formulated for colder season. It will refresh & rejuvenate your complexion.

It will also add much needed moisture or nourishment depending on your skin type & condition.

The Intelligent Facial

If you’d like a good facial but are not sure what your skin needs choose The Intelligent Facial. Totally customised
with the intelligent skin screening system allows for maximum accuracy during treatment & therefore best results combined with a perfect prescription.