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Welcome to Salons Bellezza

Welcome to Salons Bellezza – Your Skin Therapy Starts at Home.

  • Is it possible to have healthy glowing skin without my make-up covering imperfections?
  • Can my acne be fixed? I am tired of blackheads & pimples!
  • I am beginning to age & want to start looking better after my skin. Can you help me?
  • My oiliness and pores are driving me crazy! Can you find a solution for me?
  • I gave up on my skin and use nothing on it but it does not look healthy. What can you do for me?
  • I am super sensitive and my skin does not like many things. How can I look after it? Can I get a Facial?
  • I do not really know what my skin needs, I simply follow product commercials. I have no idea what it needs. Can you educate me?
  • My skin gets very dry during winter. Can I get the best Facial for it and follow up at home to keep feeling hydrated?               

There are so many questions when it comes to your skin, isn’t it?

Hi, I am Evie and with 15 years of experience, I am here to help!  I understand that a lot of skin issues stem from a lack of correct home-care. Some problematic conditions like acne, for example, require regular treatments particularly with the modern-day stress level as many adults suffer from chronic break-outs way past their teenage years. I also found a lot of clients complain about skin dehydration no matter how much water they drink. The key to hydration are usually serums, ampules or concentrates in topical application. Capsules are also great.   You will be very pleased to find out that good healthy skin is not just a dream. You do not need to put up with any skin issue be it persistent oiliness, blocked/enlarged pores, lines & wrinkles, dehydration, sensitivity, break-outs or pimples, chronic dryness, etc and suffer from it. I will explain your skin type & skin condition in a professional thorough skin consultation. Everybody should understand what their skin needs to keep it feeling and looking its best. It is very easy once I diagnose your skin.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I am sure your skin will be happy. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please, feel free to press contact us. I will answer your questions. Meanwhile, have a look at My Beauty Sale specials.

My Skin Treatments

A vast variety of specific skin treatments are on offer daily and are carefully chosen in your skin consultation prior to Facial.

My Pampering

If you are after some relaxation, please, have a look at inexpensive beauty add-ons! mention it when booking your Facial and I’ll add it to your Skin TreatmentMy Winter WarmersSave money and skin this colder season with unique specials up to 50%OFF!  Hurry, offers are limited!

Check back later for new updates to the website. There’s much more to come!

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