Face masks for blokes: They’re not just for the ladies fellas!

Long gone are the days when men using any type of facial cosmetics was frowned upon by society as being too feminine. Nowadays, more and more men are spending more time and putting more effort into looking good than ever before. And why not, I say. Let’s face it; if you look good, you’re more likely to feel good.

If you’ve ever suffered from clogged pores, or worse still, blackheads and acne, you’ll know how much a confidence killer these problems can be. No longer do we blokes have to suffer in silence. Help is at hand in the form of face masks, and we’re not talking about the type the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin wore to pillage his victims.

Because men’s skin is generally tougher than a woman’s, it means that it can be resistant to a lot of skincare products as a rule. But don’t let this worry you guys; there are plenty of face masks out there to choose from. Appear younger, combat wrinkles and tighten up that skin, and look bloody marvellous.

One of the great things about face masks is they don’t take long to apply, and our ugly mugs can be revitalized in about fifteen minutes flat. This is excellent news for us chaps, who, let’s face it, don’t like spending too long in the bathroom. Mud, clay, and charcoal. Three words you’re likely to see more than any other on the packaging of men’s face masks these days.

We’re not talking the type of mud you’d see women wrestlers writhing around in here. Mud face masks can help us turn into that handsome devil we know we are underneath in a number of ways. Firstly they enrich the skin. They contain calcium, sulfate, and magnesium, which are fantastic ingredients for your skin. They also do a great job of pulling up the excess oils and dirt inside your skin, as well as calming down any skin blemishes you may suffer with, and even putting a stop to any future ones.

If you have used face masks previously, you’ll know they can sometimes dry out the skin; mud masks are no different. This is not a problem as the natural nutrients in them will still give you a glowing and rejuvenated complexion if used in conjunction with a good moisturizer. And remember, that tight feeling on the skin we experience as the mask dries is the anti-aging weapon in the mud masks armoury.

We all know the benefits of green tea, so it’s no surprise it turns up in many face mask ingredients, and when combined with clay, this awesome tag team will have your skin smooth and soft in no time by ridding those pores of dirt and grime and reducing excess skin oils. Clay can also be a great weapon in your arsenal if you’re at war with acne and blackheads. These masks can absorb oils from your skin, helping reduce and even prevent less serious outbreaks of acne, blackheads, and pimples.

As a rule, less is more where masks are concerned. Please don’t overdo it. Clay masks are great to help reduce and prevent the above problems, but they’re not a remedy and should only be used two or at most three times a week and should only be worn for fifteen minutes. You’ll also see better results if you take them off before they’ve completely dried.

If oily skin is your enemy, then exfoliating twice weekly with a charcoal exfoliator can put that problem to bed. These not only cut through oils, but they also work like a magnet attracting particles of dirt to it, as well as removing fragments of dead skin to leave a softer surface. Because your skin will be fresh and more open to absorbing other products after exfoliation, now is a great time to use the face mask or moisturizer, as your skin will be better prepared to soak them up. Add an excellent cleanser to your skincare regime, and you’re armed with all the tools you need to be the bloke you know you are.

Ultraformer III

New ultrasound skin tightening technology for Guys and Gals.

These new machines are designed to not only tighten and concentrated stable ultrasound energy into the focal region. True skin tightening revolution that is going to change the industry of face masks forever, maybe.

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Mask. Moisturize. Repeat. It’s not that difficult to look good and feel great, and it takes a lot less time and effort than you think. Give it a go, you handsome devil.